About Our Founder

Angelo A. DiGangi, Esq. the founder of the DiGangi Law Firm, worked his way through law school, the old fashioned way, by working in his family owned neighborhood butcher shop, and selling sausage and peppers at the San Gennaro Feast on Mulberry Street in Little Italy.

In 1983, Mr. DiGangi wrote the blue prints for the preventive legal services program in New York City. He founded “The Community Advocacy Center,” a Not-For-Profit Corporation to deliver Preventive Legal Services for the Elderly.

Mr. DiGangi went on to serve in the New York State Unified Court System, (1983 – 2006) as a Principal Law Clerk and Court Attorney. Mr. DiGangi helped the New York State Court System establish settlement procedures and preventive law programs.

In 1986, The Community Advocacy Center implemented Mr. DiGangi’s blue print and established a preventive service program in New York.

The Community Advocacy Center has become a nationally recognized program and Angelo DiGangi serves as General Counsel to the Preventive Law for the Elderly Program in New York City.