About Us

The Digangi Law Firm Is A General Law Practice With A Major Focus On Consumer Credit, Elder Law, Landlord Tenant Matters And Foreclosure Relief

A Global recession has forced many people to postpone their dreams and cancel their plans. Some have lost savings, perhaps their homes. This global recession is a war which is wounding millions of Americans.

The DiGangi Law Firm’s Consumer Credit Law Department defends people who have been forced to put their dreams on hold because of the global recession.

The DiGangi Law Firm will help heal the wounds caused by the recession. With twenty years of experience helping people, our clients can rest, assured that our services are the best.

If global recession has brought any of the following to your doorstep:

  • Credit Card Debt
  •  Foreclosures
  •  Legal Action
  •  Judgments
  • Restraints on Bank Accounts
  • Garnishment of Wages

The DiGangi Law Firm can help. The Appellate Court rules in favor of our clients holding banks and lenders to a higher standard. We have taken the banks to the Appellate Court and won.

LET US HELP lift restraints and vacate judgments and garnishments.

The DiGangi Law Firm represents families and older adults in Real Estate transactions.

  • Transfer Of Assets and Real Property
  •  Legal Proceedings for Non-Payment of Rent or Eviction
  •  Purchase or Sale of Property
  • Avoiding Forclosure
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes
  • Protecting Family Assests

We provide older adults with the most updated information in the field.

  • Medicare Planning
  • Assest Protection
  •  Avoiding Eviction
  • Consumer Debt Protection

CALL our 24 Hour Legal Hotline (718) 850-2900 today for your Free Consultation. We provide consultation at our office, in your home or place of business.